By Fabian Kneipp / Friday September 15th, 2023


Tsavorite has certainly been competing with emerald for the status of the most popular green gemstone for several years. Tsavorite...

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By Nikolas / Thursday June 23rd, 2022


  Formel: (Na,K)3(Ca,Na)(Al3Si3O12)(SO4,S,Cl) = Feldspathoid Colour: Colourless, greenishblue, blue Hardness: 5,5-6 Density: 2,44-2,5 Refractive Index: 1,494-1,509 Crystal System: isometric  ...

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By Fabian Kneipp / Sunday September 27th, 2020


Euclase Euclase is a rare beryllium aluminum silicate. The chemical formula is BeAlSiO4(OH). Chemically Euclase is a nesosilicate with small...

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By Fabian Kneipp / Sunday July 26th, 2020

Ethical sourced gemstones from Madagascar

Ethical sourced gemstones from Madagascar News Coloured gemstones have always been popular and at the same time they have a...

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By Nikolas / Wednesday August 22nd, 2018


Formula: BaTiSi3O9 Colour: colorless, light to dark blue / after heat treatment bright peach pink to orange Hardness: 6-6,5 Density:...

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By Nikolas / Monday July 30th, 2018


Formula: (Fe) Ca2Fe2+Al2B[4][O|OH|(Si2O7)2, (Mg)Ca2MgAl2B[4][O|OH|(Si2O7)2], (Mn) Ca2Mn2+Al2B[4][O|OH|(Si2O7)2] Colour: (Fe) shades of brown, violet with appropriate orientation, partially zoned with blue spots....

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By Nikolas / Saturday July 7th, 2018


Formela: (Na,K)22Ca10(Si24Al24)O96(SO4)6Cl6 Colour: Colorless, different blue Hardness: 5,5-6 Densitiy: 2,55 Refractive Index: 1,523-1,529 Crystal System: Trigonal with strong dichroism light...

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By Nikolas / Monday June 18th, 2018


Formula: Zn2[OH|AsO4]·H2O Colour: vivid yellow, colorless to orange Hardness: 4,5 Density: 3,98-4,01 Refractive Index: 1,675-1,740 Crystal System: monoklinic Vibrantly bright...

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By Nikolas / Saturday June 16th, 2018


Formula: KNa2B3Si12O30 Colour: Colourless, very pale to intense pink (rare) Hardness: 5 Density: 2,53 Refractive Index: 1,516-1,532 Crystal System: Hexagonal...

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